About Library

Recognising the role of Library and Information Services in meeting the requirements of the academy, the Sanchetna Library was set up as one of the key parts of the National Academy of Indian Railway (NAIR), the alma mater of all the Railway Officers. A modest beginning was made in 1952 with a collection of approx. 900 books. The NAIR Library is one of the most modern and well-equipped Libraries in the Railways, catering to the needs of the Probationers, Faculty Members, Guest Officers and other users. It meets the complex information requirements of a variety of users satisfactorily. All this has been made possible through the team work exhibited by all the members of the team working in the library.

The Sanchetna Library has a collection of more than 40,000 books on various subjects like Railways, Transportation, Management, Economics, Psychology, Medical Science, Computers, Hindi and English Literature, etc. It also has a collection of Government publications such as Railway Budget, Railway Year Book, Annual Reports, Statistical Statements, Railway Codes and Manuals and other important reports. Database of the library is available on the internet.

The Library has the subscriptions of 88 Indian periodicals and Foreign Journals and 10 Newspapers. It also has a collection of 400 CDs/DVDs on Management and other subjects. Approximately 1,600 e-resources have been added to the collection. 215 New Books (English 150 + Hindi 65) were added in the current year. The library also has a subscription of Magzter Gold for Faculty Members, which is a digital collection of 7,500+ magazines and newspapers in English, Hindi and other Indian languages. Sanchetna Library has expanded its services, viz. reading and issue/return of books, to the faculty members and students of NRTI.